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Craneburg Construction, a major contractor in Nigeria, approached Highly Creative Minds for a solution to their overcrowded headquarters accommodation in Lagos.  The brief developed as requiring the re-location, with minimal disruption, of their senior management team into a new block alongside the current offices with a dedicated entrance and conference facilities also to be included.  Taking form as a three-storey block with a deep cantilevered front façade acting as a Porte cochere to the entrance the design showcases their construction skills by adopting a fully exposed fair-faced concrete frame internally and externally.  Extensive façade glazing as well as a skylight and glass enclosure to the stair flood the interior spaces with natural light delivering a comfortable and spacious working environment.



In the mid-1980s the IMB Plaza office was constructed on what was then the coast road in Lagos’s Victoria Island district.  The Pyramid-like building, clad fully in blue glass, became something of a local landmark and a backdrop to many beach parties.  Unfortunately, the intervening years were not kind and after changing hands a number of times it finally became derelict and sat empty for a long period.

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The Stock Exchange


Currently under construction the 17-storey, 12,200+m2 GLA, Stock Exchange tower was actually begun in the 1990s with its concrete frame reaching 5th floor level before the project was abandoned.  To avoid attaining new planning consents HCM was tasked with the re-design / modernization of this building while retaining the general massing of the original.  A complete new façade design and roofscape were devised, the latter delivering a twin-peaked arrangement to give it a distinctive silhouette.  Port Harcourt generally has a low-rise character and the resurrected Stock Exchange tower will form a dramatic new intervention on its skyline.



As the Belarusian economy becomes more open and outward looking a large growth in IT services has been developing, especially in Minsk.  This has highlighted a shortage of modern office space and in the second phase of expansion this would form a major part of the proposal with three 20-storey towers included providing 43,300m2 of accommodation.

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The core of this project is the creation of a central atrium / mall space to link two adjoining existing buildings located between the commercial heart and historic dock areas of the Estonian capital.  These are the Postimaja Mall, converted from the Soviet-era Central Post Office building, and Coca Cola Plaza a large 11-screen cinema development from the early 2000s.  While the two buildings have a synergy of uses and customer-base they are currently separate entities that do not interact with each other or their surroundings.

Starting from a layout prepared by a local architect HCM was tasked with reviewing commercial practicality as well as enhancing pedestrian flows through and around the unified site.  Integration of non-retail uses such as healthcare facilities and office accommodation were also key.  The latter being organized as a floating structure above the atrium with timber-clad boat-like styling to its soffit.

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