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11   /   2019

The core of this project is the creation of a central atrium / mall space to link two adjoining existing buildings located between the commercial heart and historic dock areas of the Estonian capital.  These are the Postimaja Mall, converted from the Soviet-era Central Post Office building, and Coca Cola Plaza a large 11-screen cinema development from the early 2000s.  While the two buildings have a synergy of uses and customer-base they are currently separate entities that do not interact with each other or their surroundings.


Starting from a layout prepared by a local architect HCM was tasked with reviewing commercial practicality as well as enhancing pedestrian flows through and around the unified site.  Integration of non-retail uses such as healthcare facilities and office accommodation were also key.  The latter being organized as a floating structure above the atrium with timber-clad boat-like styling to its soffit.


The central space was adjusted so that a significant cross-site level change that was acting as a barrier was re-located and all the internal levels were unified by a vortex-like arrangement of stairs, escalators and ramps that simplified movement as well as making all key-elements immediately visible.

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