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The third place, a space that is not our place of work or our home, is often referenced these days and the varied aspects of the hospitality sector – from hotels and resorts to sporting and leisure facilities – are primary examples of such environments.  These are places to meet, to relax, to socialise, to feel better in.  Of course, to successfully achieve such results for their visitors / guests they must function flawlessly as someone else’s workplace and, as with so many aspects of architecture and design, it is the smooth integration of these public and private worlds that will deliver the best solutions.  Highly Creative Minds design approach is always to marry all aspects of customer experience and practical function to deliver the right levels of excitement / relaxation / comfort / wow-factor and smooth operation that will make the third place one to enjoy to the full.




E-commerce is a phenomenon that is now fully integrated into our lives and its impact upon the world of retail design has been startling, but for all that physical retail will not go away; however, it must adapt.  Retail malls and department stores in particular must become more flexible and forward thinking if they are to survive and this will involve the greater integration of non-retail offers, be that leisure, sports, F&B or even wild-card extras like hotels or residential to make use of excess space.  Understanding how to integrate varied uses with existing or new retail offers along while maintaining the smooth operability of the retail elements in of maximum importance.  HCM can bring a wealth of experience in the planning and fit-out design of retail at all scales from major malls to individual units along with an understanding of developing trends to create quality spaces that will thrive in a changing world.

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Work Place

We spend a great proportion of our lives in the workplace, be that office or mall or studio.  It follows that these working environments should be configured to deliver high quality and comfort to their users in both their ‘personal’ working spaces and in those areas shared with colleagues, visitors and clients.  Working process, space, light, technology, human nature and many other criteria must be considered and co-ordinated in all successful workplace design: drilling down into the core functions of any company (or individual as we must consider the solo home-worker just as carefully) to properly understand and then respond to their needs is the starting point for all meaningful workplace design.  People make everything work so they must be at the heart of the workplace, which is why HCM will always look to their needs in creating such environments.

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A decent quality of life stems largely from the quality of our dwellings, the design of which is of the utmost importance to maintain our health and well-being.  The race-to-the-bottom approach of ever smaller properties, cheapened specifications and inappropriate densities is not sustainable and needs to be resisted.  Across the full range of residential / living space design from one-off houses to large multi-dwelling developments Highly Creative Minds takes a responsible and end-user focussed approach to design in this field.  The right mix of community and privacy needs to be created; individual properties must be treated as just that, proper spaces for people to live in not production line roll-outs; and a considered approach to how new development should be integrated with its neighbourhood are key factors in our approach to residential design

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Highly Creative Minds recognises the great importance of integrating varied disciplines, such as branding, graphics and environmental signage, into the design process to deliver integrated holistic solutions.  Far too many projects treat buildings and brands as stand-alone items and the result can be a clumsy juxtaposition of competing ideas; this should not be the case.  The graphic presentation of a design to explain its features and sell its ideas is also a critical part of the development process and HCM is well-versed in preparing CGI imagery, brochures and promotional material that all play there part in generating a cohesive end-product.  With our own in-house capabilities and the help and support of our co-conspirators HCM can provide a one-stop shop across this diverse field.

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