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To compliment the sparkling new design of the Number One office in the Victoria Island business district of Lagos a new brand identity was also generated.  The site was noted for its previous blue-glazed pyramid-shaped office building from the 1980s that became a local landmark in the city.  To both represent this historic facet and to reference the Grade-A nature of the re-development project both the building’s name and the diamond pattern logo were generated to denote quality and style.  A palette of cool blues and greys similarly reflect the quintessential style of the building and its surroundings, sitting alongside Lagos’s major new Eco Atlantic City mega-development.

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Located at the centre what was of a cluster of five Victorian-era psychiatric hospitals in Epsom, now mostly re-developed as housing, the chapel building is also being re-configured and re-purposed for a new life as a community arts centre.  It will respect and display, via a permanent exhibition, the intriguing history of the site including the ground-breaking music-therapy work undertaken in the chapel itself, along with providing an arts / education focus for the locality.  To reflect this change of use a new brand has been created, the Horton, to generate a specific identity for the new role whilst also speaking of its past: carefully crafted by Steve Trimm who is also masterminding the design vision for the exhibition and overall ethos of the arts centre.





Founded in Edinburgh in 1971, then moving to Fife, Inveran established themselves as a major player handcrafting bagpipes for some of the most famous pipers all over the world.  Although a well-known name in their field Inveran’s branding and on-line presence was somewhat ad-hoc so when they crossed paths with HCM’s bagpipe playing founder, Hilary Clayton-Mitchell, she offered to help them overhaul their image.  The logo and overall branding were modernised and a much more design-focussed and user-friendly website generated with bespoke photography of their products also undertaken by HCM.  Inveran has since relocated to the USA where it maintains its Scottish craftsmanship traditions.



In addition to the architectural and interior design services on this signature office redevelopment HCM also provided a full-suite of interior and exterior signage.  This covered direct branding on the building itself, at roof level; a series of totem and directional signs defining the main entrances and on-site circulation; along with branded and directional signage in the main reception and public spaces.  Designs for the signage system took their cue from the diamond pattern logo – also expressed in the façade design – to generate a cohesive array of exciting three-dimensional forms and super-graphic elements across the site.


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