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Palazzo Mall

Expansion Offices

As the Belarusian economy becomes more open and outward looking a large growth in IT services has been developing, especially in Minsk.  This has highlighted a shortage of modern office space and in the second phase of expansion this would form a major part of the proposal with three 20-storey towers included providing 42,300m2 of accommodation.


To provide a podium for the office accommodation a new four-level retail element was introduced to boost the critical mass of the base building, adding 163,400m2 plus space for 200 extra cars in a basement garage.  In keeping with the leisure / sports emphasis of the preceding expansion phase new facilities will include an Olympic-size swimming pool, spa, heath-club – with roof-level running track and tennis courts – plus an indoor surfing centre located alongside the existing food court.  Completion of the second expansion phase will have more than doubled the size of the original mall and delivered a diverse day-long destination development in the city centre.

03   /   2020

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