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Number One

08   /   2021

In the mid-1980s the IMB Plaza office was constructed on what was then the coast road in Lagos’s Victoria Island district.  The Pyramid-like building, clad fully in blue glass, became something of a local landmark and a backdrop to many beach parties.  Unfortunately, the intervening years were not kind and after changing hands a number of times it finally became derelict and sat empty for a long period.


Since the original building was constructed a major land reclamation project has been undertaken alongside creating a 10Mm2 site for the massive Eko Atlantic City office/residential development.  Seeing the opportunity offered by this new neighbour Craneburg Construction acquired the site for a major refurbishment and expansion project to regenerate it as Grade A offices.  HCM’s founder Hilary Clayton-Michell began work on the design at her former practice but was then appointed directly to finalise the project development, adding a roof-top restaurant, co-ordinating the lighting design, branding/signage and interiors.


Renamed as Number One Lagos the site is once again home to an iconic, state-of-the-art office building.  A dramatic array of projecting balconies allied to a grid of diamond-pattern framing across the [partially blue] façade glazing provide a visual homage to the original building whilst also delivering their own stylish, modern design.

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