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Craneburg Construction, a major contractor in Nigeria, approached Highly Creative Minds for a solution to their overcrowded headquarters accommodation in Lagos.  The brief developed as requiring the re-location, with minimal disruption, of their senior management team into a new block alongside the current offices with a dedicated entrance and conference facilities also to be included.  Taking form as a three-storey block with a deep cantilevered front façade acting as a Porte cochere to the entrance the design showcases their construction skills by adopting a fully exposed fair-faced concrete frame internally and externally.  Extensive façade glazing as well as a skylight and glass enclosure to the stair flood the interior spaces with natural light delivering a comfortable and spacious working environment.

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Crook Point Bridge


HCM’s master plan for the Crook Point Bascule bridge in Providence, Rhode Island. 

A sweeping organic roof rolls across the adjoining landward plots, its walkable landscaped structure enclosing a series of community functions such as a farmers’ market hall, workshops, a library and greenhouses collectively known as the ‘Literary Line’. The latter taking its cue from the graffiti that famously covers the old railway bridge. 

Beyond this the newly covered bridge provides protection for pop-ups and events as well as offering new links down to the Seekonk River. Then at the very end of line, beneath the elevated, historic bridge structure itself a refurbished railway dining car cantilevers over the end of the bridge the setting for “The Pullman Falls Café” on a journey to nowhere. 



This 60-key business-class hotel has been designed to act as a secure, self-contained unit with dedicated conferencing, F&B, leisure and sports facilities incorporated to make it a one-stop-shop for visitors.  Two wings of guest accommodation flank a multi-level glazed lobby / atrium space crossed by access bridges: this core space overlooks a landscaped pool terrace zone that is also fronted by both the lobby bar and ADD restaurant.


Interior design styling mixes mid-Century classic furniture with contemporary elements and light Classical touches in both the public and private / guest room areas to provide a cool and harmonious overall feel.  Some intriguing nods towards the business nature of its operation such as the use of pin-striped fabric for the lobby bar seating are also included along with bookshelf-seating that reinforces the club / library atmosphere of this key meeting space.

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In the mid-1980s the IMB Plaza office was constructed on what was then the coast road in Lagos’s Victoria Island district.  The Pyramid-like building, clad fully in blue glass, became something of a local landmark and a backdrop to many beach parties.  Unfortunately, the intervening years were not kind and after changing hands a number of times it finally became derelict and sat empty for a long period.

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One of the main attractions for the regenerated Horton Chapel arts centre is to be its café area, which will act in both a supporting role to the various art and education activities and provide a distinctive draw to the building for local residents.  HCM was appointed to create the café space, which occupies what was the chancel / altar areas in the chapel neatly defined by the rood screen into a distinct space.

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The Stock Exchange


Currently under construction the 17-storey, 12,200+m2 GLA, Stock Exchange tower was actually begun in the 1990s with its concrete frame reaching 5th floor level before the project was abandoned.  To avoid attaining new planning consents HCM was tasked with the re-design / modernization of this building while retaining the general massing of the original.  A complete new façade design and roofscape were devised, the latter delivering a twin-peaked arrangement to give it a distinctive silhouette.  Port Harcourt generally has a low-rise character and the resurrected Stock Exchange tower will form a dramatic new intervention on its skyline.



West London’s Hanger Hill Garden Estate is a very well-preserved example of a Tudor Revival housing estate from the inter-war period.  It has been a conservation area since 1969 and is the subject of a number of design controls regarding extensions.  HCM was appointed to undertake a project to both expand and modernize the internal arrangement of one of the terraced house on the estate.  Careful consideration was required to ensure that the massing of the extension blended with the period architectural style of the neighbourhood externally whilst the interior delivered the understated modern interior desired by the client.  Planning consent was achieved in late 2020 for this project.

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