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One of the main attractions for the regenerated Horton Chapel arts centre is to be its café area, which will act in both a supporting role to the various art and education activities and provide a distinctive draw to the building for local residents.  HCM was appointed to create the café space, which occupies what was the chancel / altar areas in the chapel neatly defined by the rood screen into a distinct space.  An immediate planning decision was to place the cafe counter into the altar area so that it would act as a backdrop to the wider space, neatly framed in the rood screen entrance.  Seating areas are arrayed  in front of the counter and in a side aisle, providing just over 50 covers, in a mixture of loose seats and banquettes built from re-claimed pews: the overall palette of warm timber finishes sitting against the rich tiled floor retained from the original design.  Above the café the vaulted ceilings have been decorated in deep blue with an applied gold star pattern effect to add an extra dimension of colour and space.  The café is due to open for trading in Spring 2021.

07   /   2022

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