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Woodland House

Located in a remote and heavily wooded valley and accessed via a narrow track this site commands tremendous views across its surroundings.  The deer-forest setting provides both a stunning backdrop and outlook for the property, one that we were keen to exploit in the design.


A small two-bedroom cottage and adjoining disused barn formed the basis of the project.  Steeply rising ground immediately behind the existing buildings and the need to maintain a forestry access path to the rear concentrated all new works to the front.  Consequently the original buildings have been used as the spine of the expanded house hugging the contours of the hillside while the new-build wing projects forming an L-shaped plan with its base tumbling down the slope.


Within the existing buildings, incorporating the barn into the house, a large kitchen space is formed along with the entrance hall / library and bedrooms.  The extension holds the master bedroom suite and acts as the primary reception space, its projecting format providing new views along the valley, both from inside and from a terrace with an external fireplace.

10 /   2019

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