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Palazzo Mall Expansion

Ice Hockey  Sports Centre

 01   /   2020

Even during construction of the mall it was recognized that its retail-focused design would not be a sustainable model in the long-term, expansion to become a more broadly-based mixed-use scheme would be necessary.  The introduction of Belarus’s first indoor sky-diving centre operated by iFLY, placed in a very prominent location on the front of the building, was the first step in creating a leisure / adventure sports offer to diversify the appeal of the site.


As a first phase of a broader expansion project the top floor of the existing multi-storey car park was identified as a leisure development opportunity as it aligned closely with the upper mall level that is home to the multiplex cinema and F&B.  Winter sports are particularly popular in Belarus but year-round facilities are not common so the addition of an Olympic-size skating rink was suggested.  Indoor rock-climbing, trampolining and additional F&B facilities were also included with the new accommodation set under a sweeping, curving roof as well as a glazed tower for the climbing walls.  This generates a new emphasis for the mall entrance now set between the retail and leisure zones.

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