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Gift from the GODS


02   /   2020

Installtion For the RIBA gallery on the theme of Power



One day Atlas called a meeting with the Gods and complained that earth was getting too hot to handle and he wanted to expel it from the celestial sphere.


An emergency meeting was called and deities came from far and wide, from Mount Olympus, Asgard and beyond; they gathered around Zeus’s table and a plan of action was hatched.


Alongside Atlas Poseidon was equally fed up with all the rubbish dumped into the sea and he too wanted to sea change.


With the Gods long since retired Thor no longer used his hammer nor Poseidon his trident so they decided to send them to earth to help clean up

the environment.


The trident to spear the rubbish in the oceans and on the beaches and the hammer to bang the table to call to order those who don’t believe in the dangers of climate change.


This marvellous gift was sent via the ARCC, led by two unicorns whose horns, as everyone knows, are in fact navigation devices that can guide them through the electrical force fields to earth. As there is no North or South in the land of the Gods the unicorns face both ways to navigate the heavens.


Both the Gods were happy to lend their personalities to the campaigns they hoped that would follow the Poseidon Project to clean up the beaches and Thor, short for the Thought Project, to hold active debates on the subject. 


So the ARCC was packed and off it went: the Gods had decided on the RIBA as a good location as they had sent man classical architecture as

a gift long ago and many of the best examples were recorded in its drawing library.

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