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Black Pond Lane

Despite having traditional looks this Edwardian detached house was unusual in being constructed in concrete, a fact that did not provide for the warmest home environment there being no insulation in the walls or roof.  As part of a major overhaul this issue needed to be addressed along with the creation of a new family / kitchen / dining space along the side rear of the house linked to a generally open-plan interior.  An exposed Glu-Lam roof structure added warmth and a natural feel for the extension and a single floor finish (all under-floor heated) aided the visual transition between  / linkage of all the spaces.


A secluded location in a heavily wooded area allowed for the main side extension to adopt contemporary styling with significant glazing and fold-away glass screens to access the garden.  Through-colour render was selected as the finish on the extension was expanded to encompass the whole façade, visually integrating the two parts as well as allowing for the complete insulation of the original building.  A number of window sills were also broken-out in the existing house to introduce French doors that helped to maximise links with the garden and make the most of its sunny aspect.

10 /   2018

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