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Business-Class Hotel

08   /   2020

This 60-key business-class hotel has been designed to act as a secure, self-contained unit with dedicated conferencing, F&B, leisure and sports facilities incorporated to make it a one-stop-shop for visitors.  Two wings of guest accommodation flank a multi-level glazed lobby / atrium space crossed by access bridges: this core space overlooks a landscaped pool terrace zone that is also fronted by both the lobby bar and ADD restaurant.


Interior design styling mixes mid-Century classic furniture with contemporary elements and light Classical touches in both the public and private / guest room areas to provide a cool and harmonious overall feel.  Some intriguing nods towards the business nature of its operation such as the use of pin-striped fabric for the lobby bar seating are also included along with bookshelf-seating that reinforces the club / library atmosphere of this key meeting space.

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