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Balcony Garden

Highly Creative Minds’ Balcony Garden proposal in Lambeth is intended to activate and enliven its setting replacing what is currently a pleasantly green but under-utilised, and many would even say unusable, space.

The new garden area combines interest with accessibility and activity with adaptability, but above all is an environment to bring people together in a space where they feel comfortable and safe.

At the heart of the design is an evocation of the wrought ironwork that was once a staple of London’s streetscape, indeed, the houses on the adjoining Holmewood Garden Estate all had neat iron railings and gates, much of which disappeared in wartime recycling efforts.  This language is then used throughout the space to generate its character and story: seating spaces styled after comfortable balconies; flower and herb gardens for scent and colour; play areas; spots for pop-up F&B traders; and quiet seating to suit all needs.  A real community garden for a real community.

03   /   2021

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